Totally the Mom

I've been very busy these few months with moving countries, starting a new job, and all the responsibilities that come with it, so here are a few older pieces from last year.

This page was an experiment to attempt accurate ASL in a comic, which was a fun challenge but ultimately not very practical. There isn't a lot of space to get the idea across and comics are already a visual medium, but I learned a lot about sign language and got to draw a lot of hands! Which, if you know me, are some of my favourite things to draw.

Many thanks to Avaltor, Chris (DeafGamersTV), and Sasiah for helping me accurately translate Aawari's sign language!

- Athena
Danae © MoonlitAlien
Vampire: the Masquerade © White Wolf/Paradox
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King

"Oh, I'm TOTALLY the mom."

"Oh, I'm TOTALLY the mom."