As with many artists in the community, my initial feelings towards the potential of AI generated imagery was cautiously optimistic. I recognized its potential as another tool in the artist's toolbox, to be used as part of the process as a source of inspiration. However, as with NFTs, it quickly became apparent that most people using AI have little regard at all for the artists without whom they wouldn't be able to make their generated images in the first place. As opposed to helping artists, AI art has become another way of further crushing creatives.

I can't believe I find myself longing for the Art Theft of yore, when someone tracing your image or making a terrible Photoshop hack to use on their cheap blog was the worst thing you had to worry about. Now instead of browsing artists' galleries for inspiration, I spend most of my time trying to figure out if the picture I'm looking at came from a person or from a bot. AI art is destroying art communities, driving artists away from sites across the web, and I am horrified to think of what young, budding, and future artists will have to deal with in this new Internet hellscape, where people are taught it's okay to steal from and abuse hardworking individuals.

AI has no place on an art platform that claims to build communities for creatives. Down with fucking AI. You've taken what could have been a good thing and you've ruined it.